Memorial Miniature Golf and Musuem: Hole 1 – Blitzkrieg Presented by Sponsored by the My Mini Golf Scorecard Pro App

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Buda, Texas

Memorial Miniature Golf and Museum: Hole 1 – Blitzkrieg

Par 3

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On September 1st, 1939 German troops, tanks, and planes stormed across the Polish border and unleashed ‘Blitzkrieg’ on the world for the first time. Blitzkrieg combined the use of fast moving Panzers along with attack aircraft such as Stuka dive-bombers to smash through enemy defenses and pave the way for infantry to crush any remaining resistance. Although ‘Blitzkrieg’ was coined by the allies and mainly used in propaganda, it came to define German offensive strategy in the early years of WWII. In little over a month, with the help of the invading Soviets from the East, Poland surrendered on October 6th. Following the fall of Poland, the German Wehrmacht launched seaborne and aerial invasions into Norway and Denmark. Hitler then turned his forces West against France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg after a quiet eight-month period on the Western Front that became known as the Phoney War. Bypassing the formidable French defenses on the Maginot Line, Panzer units led by General Heinz Guderian, considered to be the “father” of Blitzkrieg-style tactics, smashed through the poorly defended Ardennes. Meanwhile German troops and elite paratroopers held up British and French forces defending Belgium and Northern France. On May 20th, Guderian’s Panzers reached the English Channel, surrounding a large number of Allied troops. The stage was now set for allied disaster in France… (continued on hole 2)

Vocabulary Word: Stuka – The Junkers Ju-87 “Stuka” was the primary dive-bomber of the German Luftwaffe (Air Force). Intended to support advancing infantry and tanks, Stukas would dive at a steep angle using a Jericho Siren that struck fear into many allied forces, before dropping their bombs. The Jericho Siren is considered to be the first true use of psy-ops warfare during World War II. The Stuka became a propaganda and military success for the Nazis, before becoming obsolete by 1943, but remained in service until the end of the war.

Memorial Miniature Golf and Museum

I was really excited about my recent trip to Texas not only because it was my first time in the great state but mainly because I was getting a sneak peak at a new course that was a first of its kind. Owner Brian McKinney was gracious enough to let me and my father to get an early look and play through of the course! Although at the time, it was still being built, the course itself was in playable and nearing completion. The course is a memorial to World War II and all of the holes were crafted with care to tell part of that story. The first hole was Blitzkrieg and was a long and open play area that featured many exploded bunkers (the white sandy looking patches) due to the German Blitzkrieg advances. It was fairly level with a few natural dips and mounds with a flag placement slightly left of center.

Mister Mini Golf Pro Tips

This course is not what the average Mini Golfer will be used too, this is a putting course. You have to read the greens and account for some crazy breaks. As a new carpet, it has very considerable drag. You have to hit a LOT harder than you would think. Over time, the greens will adjust to the foot traffic and common shots and little trails will form. For this hole, you want to stick to the left side and give it a pretty hard whack. Be careful of the edges because there is not a barrier to keep your ball in play!

ADA Accessibility Notes: ADA compliant pathways are installed to allow for 9 holes of accessible play.

For more details on course accessibility, always check in with a course you are visiting as they may be able to do additional accommodations. In addition, a great resource is the ADA Checklist for Miniature Golf Courses.

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Memorial Miniature Golf and Museum’s Page is located here:

Memorial Miniature Golf and Museum

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