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Memorial Miniature Golf and Museum: Hole 11 – D-Day

Par 5

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On June 6th, 1944 the most ambitious and complex Allied offensive of WWII began on the shores of Normandy France. For over a year Allied planners had aimed at striking a blow against Hitler’s “Atlantic Wall” defending France from invasion. The former “Desert Fox,” Field Marshal Erwin Rommel was tasked with preparing an immense network of defenses along the French coast in preparation for the Allied landings in France.

The Nazis threw immense effort into creating a complex series of bunkers, anti-tank “hedgehogs” and artillery positions to repel any Allied invasion. To throw off German intelligence an imaginary army was created on the shores of England, complete with inflatable tanks and guns.

Nazi intelligence took the bait and believed the Allied thrust was to be aimed at the Calais region of France. Little did they know that the real invasion was to land at the more lightly defended Normandy coast.

On the night of June 5th, American paratroopers dropped behind German lines and began disrupting communications and seizing bridges. After an intense naval and aerial bombardment the following morning, American, British, and Canadian troops began the largest seaborne invasion in history using both amphibious higgins boats and improvised mulberry docks to land men and equipment. In the American sector on Omaha beach, the fighting was the fiercest, with over 2,000 Allied dead.

However, due to Hitler’s refusal to deploy panzer units in Normandy because of Allied deception in Calais, the Allied beachhead remained secure, and now Allied forces could push on through France but not without defeating the formidable forces that lay in their path. However, the road to Paris would not be an easy one, as the countless hedgerows that dotted the French countryside favored the German defenders who lay in wait to ambush Allied troops…(continued on hole #12)

Vocabulary Word: Mulberries – Floating harbors, known by the codename mulberries, were a small part in the complex planning for the D-Day landings. These massive concrete structures were floated across the English Channel and allowed for Allied ships to dock and off-load the men and equipment needed to force the Germans back. Without the mulberries it is unlikely that the Allies could have held their foothold in France.

Memorial Miniature Golf and Museum

D-Day was one of the most chaotic days of World War II and for those soldiers I’m sure it felt daunting and a massive undertaking. Memorial Miniature Golf and Museum did a great job taking that expressed feeling and turning it into a hole. It’s a massive par 5 and up there being now one of the longest holes in Mini Golf. It starts out in the “water” (blue turf) and then transitions to “the beach, specifically Omaha Beach” (tan turf) and lastly goes to “the battleground” (green turf) that has a winding path through a camouflaged “barbed-wire” fence. There is a little shortcut from the beach to the hole which has additional plans to be made into an official shortcut.

Mister Mini Golf Pro Tips

Use powerful swings and take the shortcut to try to get a 5 on this hole! It’s crazy long and open!

ADA Accessibility Notes: ADA compliant pathways are installed to allow for 9 holes of accessible play.

For more details on course accessibility, always check in with a course you are visiting as they may be able to do additional accommodations. In addition, a great resource is the ADA Checklist for Miniature Golf Courses.

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Memorial Miniature Golf and Museum

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