OneShot Golf, the Mini Golf of the Future!

If you haven’t already heard, a great new Mini Golf game is out there that lets you play REAL Mini Golf from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere really!

Puttzy, the OneShot Golf Mascot

What’s OneShot Golf?

This new game is called OneShot Golf and it takes a new spin on “Virtual Reality” by calling it Connected Reality which is being part of a real world experience that puts YOU in control of real-life putting robots to win prizes!

Can I see some examples?

Sure, check out a few images of real gameplay below:

This hole is called Duck Pond and has three hole options with three distinct putts!
This hole is called Treasure Island and the good points are in the treasure chest!
This hole is called Diving The Depths and that diver wants your ball!

Is there a Windmill? What about Aliens?

Yes, of course you can’t have Mini Golf without a windmill! All of those obstacles and a whole lot more are available within the game as you can currently play on 12 different themed courses such as Space, the Ocean, and the West, with a total of 60 different holes with more and more always being developed. Trust me, you won’t be bored!

What do I do when I’ve mastered every hole?

The team of OneShot Golf are always keeping things changing so when you have mastered a hole or course, they add slight variations, new obstacles, or challenges to make you rethink your strategy.

Staying true to Mini Golf Reviews, I’ll be providing a post on each hole and add the new ones as they are added later. Watch for the first post starting on Mini Golf Monday May 3rd!*

*Please note that holes may change periodically and may not be reflected as current in any particular posting

I’m what they in the biz call a “Pro” can I win anything?

One of the best parts, if you practice and get in the top spots on the daily course leader boards, you will win awesome prizes! I’ve personally won over $210 in gift cards for places like Starbucks, Amazon, Applebee’s, Uber, and more!

Claiming a $75 gift card for Amazon!
Prizes stacking up for Mister Mini Golf

The Pandemic has hit us all pretty hard and I’m on a tight budget, can I still play?

Of course, it’s inclusive for everyone and particularly allows players of all ages and abilities to play as long as they have a smart device and a solid internet connection.

You do get a few free daily rounds but you can also purchase tokens to play on a few token only courses that offer big prizes. Some holes even offer a chance at a free round!

On this hole, called Ball Washer Run, you can win a free round!

To join just click the link to download OneShot Golf and start playing! Add Mister_Mini_Golf to play against me and check my stats.

Happy Putting! ⛳️

-Mister Mini Golf

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