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OneShot Golf Game Overview

OneShot Golf is the first Connected Reality game where you take over control of real golfing robots to try to sink putts for the most points to win prizes.

Each course consists of 5 holes and has a leaderboard displaying the users that are leading.

Prizes range from gift cards to in-game prize points that you can redeem for gift cards or OneShot Golf merch.

Every day the leaderboard is reset so make sure to play your FREE rounds every single day. In addition you can purchase tokens for additional rounds or token only courses.

OneShot Golf: Moonshot – Hole 4: Moon Landing

The fourth hole of the Moonshot course has not been faked as far as I can tell but I also wasn’t alive in 1969 so I cannot confirm. The fourth hole is the Moon Landing and it has a lot of cool features to the three hole placements it has at 125, 180, and 320. Mimicking several craters and rugged terrain of the moon, this hole has a model Lunar or Moon Lander just like we saw in the late 60’s and early 70’s with the Apollo missions. It houses the big points of this hole and is no easy feat to nail with the small opening and rotating Lander cabin!*

“Puttzy, we have some OneShotters requesting approach to the Leaderboard!”

“Approved, Mister Mini Golf, they may attempt an approach as long as they don’t overtake your score, sir”

“I hear you loud and clear, Puttzy, making my final round descent. **Static interference**

That’s one small putt for OneShot Golf, one giant score for Mister Mini Golf.”

Puttzy and Mister Mini Golf providing mission talking points for Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, Circa 1969

This course is not currently a daily free round eligible course it is set at 75 tokens per play.

*OneShot Golf does an excellent job with adding new content and also with changing up hole designs on occasion. What is reflected in this post may be different from current gameplay at any moment.


125 – For this shot, look on the left side past a small mound where the hole then rests on a piece of some space tech in the form of a hill. You need to account for the multiple rises and fall when calculating this shot especially since it is fairly close. Not a lot of power needed at all.

180 – This shot is similar to the 125 point shot but is a moon crater instead of some space tech material. Note that it also has a mound to traverse and then it flattens out slightly so speed is important here so you don’t overshoot the moon and fall out into orbit.

320 – I believe this shot is the game changer for this course and is the one that separates the course leaders from the rest of the pack. It involves a very small target and it’s moving. Get the timing and power right and this course is one hole away from being yours!

Time Bonus – 100 although it’s likely improbable to get more than 90 points since you do have to aim and power up. You can do both at the same time but it can get really sloppy and unreliable with your putts.

Max Score – 420

Don’t forget to take advantage of being able to view the slopes to figure out where to aim beforehand!

Mister Mini Golf Pro Tips

Since this game awards prizes for those that perform the best each day, I will not be providing the exact power levels or angles of the shots needed to ensure a successful hole-in-one in order to maintain the skillfulness of the competition. I will provide a strategy and a hint to help you figure it out.

It’s always best to work on making the shots for the highest point for each and every hole. Ultimately that’s what will give you a top prize. The more you practice those shots, the more likely you will consistently make them.

If you want to go to the mooooooon, the Lunar Lander of the Moon Landing hole is the ticket to getting there. Power is the crucial factor here because too soft won’t make it up the ramp and too hard will bounce higher than the opening. Then get the timing down to figure out when to release the ball. Use a reference point such as when the score number lines up with a non-moving component.

Note: You need to be realistic that when you master the shot it will likely be 9/10 times it will go in. You will always have to account for some additional factors that could impact the shot such as internet connection, attempt at speed for time bonus, perhaps a foreign object, etc.

After you have mastered the shot, work on doing it faster to get more points on from the time bonus.

Tip: Saving and watching your replays can really help with honing in on the perfect shot!

ADA Accessibility Notes: Due to the nature of using an app to control golfing robots, OneShot Golf is a highly accessible form of Mini Golf for nearly everyone that has access to a strong internet connection and a smart device.

For more details on course accessibility, always check in with a course you are visiting as they may be able to do additional accommodations. In addition, a great resource is the ADA Checklist for Miniature Golf Courses.

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