Badger Sports Park Mini Golf – Hole 9: Presented by Sponsored by the My Mini Golf Scorecard Pro App

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Badger Sports Park Mini Golf – Hole 9

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The ninth hole of Badger Sports Park Mini Golf is a neat multiple path hole. Straight ahead is three pipe skill shots with the middle being the smallest and best option (almost always a hole-in-one). The left side of the hole is a slope with the top open to a retention pond and some rocks to make it a little more challenging. It’s my favorite hole of the course with a great mix of options and skill shots/risk.

This course also had the occasional Mischief Spinner on a couple of holes. These spinners give you a random advantage or disadvantage for the hole as an optional play rule. You might get to swap a score with another player or have to putt with your eyes closed! Lots of added fun!

I’ve been pretty hyped to try this course as I was told for a while to get out there. Sometimes it’s best to come to a course unannounced to see what it’s typically like opposed to them making it pretty for you. The course condition was alright but certainly not cleaned daily by a crew. Normally this facility would also have water features running but can’t fault them on that, as it snowed only two days prior to my visit. The only thing that really disappointed me was one of their signature holes was gone! Honestly it was the main reason to come to this course, so the fact it wasn’t playable as intended was really disappointing. The Appleton area doesn’t have very many Mini Golf courses so that works to Badger Sports Park’s advantage. They have plenty of other activities as well meaning the Mini Golf is not the focus of the business but is merely a complementary attraction.

On another note, I did get to play with fellow comedian Sean Patrick Moore, his son, and a few of his friends so that was also quite fun. Sean has his first comedy special out called “Nothin’ Special” so give that a listen and support comedy!

Mister Mini Golf Pro Tips

Go for the pipes but keep the touch light so a miss doesn’t result in the ball rolling all the way back to start and out-of-bounds.

ADA Accessibility Notes: This course is ADA accessible. Do note the openings at the back of each hole allowing for wheelchair access.

For more details on course accessibility, always check in with a course you are visiting as they may be able to do additional accommodations. In addition, a great resource is the ADA Checklist for Miniature Golf Courses.

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Badger Sports Park Mini Golf

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