Little T’s Mini Golf – Hole 7: Presented by Sponsored by the My Mini Golf Scorecard Pro App

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Little T’s Mini Golf – Hole 7

Holey Moley: America’s Favorite Mini Golfer

The seventh hole at Little T’s Mini Golf is my personal favorite on the course. It’s a pretty straight shot with a rock and bunker hazard combo on the right. The hole itself is a volcano so it’s raised up on a mound but conclaves back in. Also Crocs are very appropriate attire on this hole because it’s protected by either a crocodile or an alligator. However, now that I think about it some more, that probably is an alligator but I don’t think it will mind your crocs.

This course is a wonderful tropical/safari themed course so be on the lookout for animals!

One of my favorite things about this course is their third rule on the scorecard. Hole-in-ones must be celebrated with a riding of the putter like a bull and yelling yee-haw! It’s a great extra rule that adds to the fun and experience!

Mister Mini Golf Pro Tips

You want to find that touch that gets you up the slope but not roll out the other side. It’s a very light touch for sure. Very impressive hole to ace to really show off in front of your playing partner(s).

ADA Accessibility Notes: Little T’s Mini Golf is ADA accessible! This factor is a huge part of their business. Mini Golf is for everyone!

For more details on course accessibility, always check in with a course you are visiting as they may be able to do additional accommodations. In addition, a great resource is the ADA Checklist for Miniature Golf Courses.

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Little T’s Mini Golf

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