The Wild Abyss Indoor 3D Miniature Golf at the Wilderness Resort – Hole 4: Presented by Endorsed by Lomma Championship Miniature Golf Courses

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The Wild Abyss Indoor 3D Miniature Golf at the Wilderness Resort – Hole 4

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Holey Moley: America’s Favorite Mini Golfer

The fourth hole of the Wild Abyss Indoor 3D Miniature Golf course is a skill shot through some coral with a double bank shot to the cup. The cup is on the back right. This hole was one of the better designed holes as it worked.

Mister Mini Golf Pro Tips

Banking off the right side of the coral is another strategy that can pay off pretty well.

ADA Accessibility Notes: It is clear that this course attempts to be ADA accessible but not all of the holes would be approved as ADA by the standards of ADA due to obstacle placement. I’ll point that out for each hole. Do note that since it is a natural flow from one hole to the next, this could mean an abrupt stop in play and having to backtrack out of the course. Hole 4 might be a tight squeeze but should be accessible.

I also need to point out something in general about this experience too. I used to go the Wilderness Resort nearly every year as a kid with my family. I loved the place and have many many found memories of the place. This last time going was a horrendous customer service experience and really should be reevaluated on many aspects because I’d really like the Wilderness Resort to have a good reputation as a go-to destination when visiting the Dells.

We were not staying at the resort this time as we were passing through for Miniature Golf Day!

That being said, the course was listed as open to the public and you go through a special activities entrance of the resort. Here the service desk didn’t even know they had a mini golf course. They sent us to the building that had it anyway and we couldn’t get in the door they sent us to so we had to go through a main entrance and walk there. We eventually get there and they do not accept payment so you have to buy an activity card. Did that and finally get in to play. It’s a neat course concept as it has aquariums throughout the course. However, the staff needs to be a bit more attentive as a group of teenagers were romping through the course and playing whatever holes in any order they wanted but the worst of it was they all started tapping the aquarium glass with their putters. No staff came into stop them so we did, which is of course an uncomfortable experience. We are about halfway through our round when staff comes in and tells us that we need to go to the service desk immediately after our round. We finish up, go to the service desk and have to wait in line for about 20 minutes (longer than our round took) to be told we needed to leave immediately and escorted by “security” off of the premise. This was due to us not being staying guests even though they advertised it as open to the public. That experience is a terrible one and I don’t wish that on any interested Mini Golf fans. If staying at the Wilderness Resort I do recommend playing the course but if not staying there, I would NOT recommend going.

For more details on course accessibility, always check in with a course you are visiting as they may be able to do additional accommodations. In addition, a great resource is the ADA Checklist for Miniature Golf Courses.

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The Wild Abyss Indoor 3D Miniature Golf at the Wilderness Resort

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