OneShot Golf

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Course 1 – Golf Madness

Hole 1: Duck Pond

Max Points: 200

Difficulty: 1/10 (This is probably the easiest hole you will encounter)

Hole 2: Gopher Town

Max Points: 175

Difficulty: 2/10 (The gophers can be quite the nuisance)

Hole 3: Spin-O-Rama

Max Points: 300

Difficulty: 4/10 (The blind shot can be tricky to master, it will take several tries to learn the consistently makeable shot)

Hole 4: Love The Slopes

Max Points: 250

Difficulty: 7/10 (This hole takes a lot of practice and finesse to find the right shot)

Hole 5: Ball Washer Run

Max Points: 425

Difficulty: 4/10 (The hard shot is going for the big points, going for the free game is pretty easy)

Total Points Possible: 1350

Course 2 – Carnival Crazy

Hole 1: Wheel ‘N’ Deal

Max Points: 240

Difficulty: 4/10 (It’s easy to score points on this hole if it isn’t the Ferris Wheel. Take your time and line it up to take the shot at the right moment)

Hole 2: Big Slice

Max Points: 215

Difficulty: 2/10 (It’s a pretty easy hole with barely any obstacles it’s just lining up and having the right power)

Hole 3: Chili Fries

Max Points: 265

Difficulty: 1/10 (The holes are pretty close together and no timing constraints or obstacles in the way)

Hole 4: Clowning Around

Max Points: 385

Difficulty: 3/10 (The clown is a little tough if you don’t learn it’s sequence. The shoe is pretty straight forward but requires the right power)

Hole 5: Slide Ride

Max Points: 415

Difficulty: 6/10 (Hitting any channel has an air of difficulty but the middle channel is especially hard with the bumpers blocking it.)

Total Possible Points: 1520

Course 3 – Moonshot

Hole 1: SETI Observatory

Max Points: 320

Difficulty: 3/10 (none of the shots are particularly difficult other than the observatory itself because it involves timing and power together.)

Hole 2: WSB

Max Points: 300

Difficulty: 2/10 (the ramp can be a little tricky until you hone in on the power. To the moon!)

Hole 3: Star Gate

Max Points: 350

Difficulty: 3/10 (getting the timing and right power for the ramp jump shot into the Star Gate takes some practice)

Hole 4: Moon Landing

Max Points: 420

Difficulty: 6/10 (the Lunar Lander has all the factors of a challenging obstacle, you need the right speed, timing, accuracy, and power)

Hole 5: 2026

Max Points: 400

Difficulty: 5/10 (once you get the timing down it becomes easier to hit the 300 consistently)

Total Points: 1790

Course 4 – Saloon Old West

Hole 1: Homebound

Max Points: 535

Difficulty: 3/10 (the opening is small and far away so it can be tough to nail the barn shot consistently)

Hole 2: Dusty Ridge

Max Points: 600

Difficulty: 1/10 (you can make a putt by just hitting it on this one)

Hole 3: The Old Saloon

Max Points: 650

Difficulty: 2/10 (be careful of the doors)

Hole 4: Oregon Trail

Max Points: 1170

Difficulty: 5/10 (the stagecoach shot is pretty tough to hit consistently but find the spot and just rely on timing)

Hole 5: Canyon Butte

Max Points: 1000

Difficulty: 6/10 (slim margin on the power levels and the cutouts narrow the shot channel too)

Total Points: 3955

Course 5 – Water World

Hole 1: Seashell Secret

Max Points: 550

Difficulty: 1/10 (it’s one of the easier holes in the game. The holes are pretty forgiving once you are within a reasonable margin for the power level)

Hole 2: Savage Shark

Max Points: 825

Difficulty: 1/10 (it’s pretty easy once you figure out the break)

Hole 3: Poseidon’s Trident

Max Points: 1080

Difficulty: 8/10 (nailing the small hole for the max points is very difficult to do consistently)

Hole 4: Anchors Port

Max Points: 950

Difficulty: 5/10 (The moving target can sometimes be a little tricky)

Hole 5: Conch Street

Max Points: 1300

Difficulty: 8/10 (it’s pretty darn tough to get in that pineapple consistently)

Total Points: 4705

Course 6 – Legends of The Links

Hole 1: The Gauntlet

Max Points: 625

Difficulty: 6/10 (timing is everything on this hole if you want to beat the gaubtlet

Hole 2: Smithies Weapons

Max Points: 675

Difficulty: 4/10 (just need to figure out the right power level to hit off of the anvil)

Hole 3: Keep on Top

Max Points: 650

Difficulty: 5/10 (The water “slide” is where the points are)

Hole 4: The Village

Max Points: 750

Difficulty: 7/10 (figuring out the high scoring shot is pretty tough)

Hole 5: Fort Golfington

Max Points: 900

Difficulty: 7/10 (the 750 point shot is a very tough shot)

Total Points: 3600

Course 7 – Swing Away

Hole 1: Going Merry

Max Points: 725

Difficulty: 4/10 (deciding to go through the swing or around, is really the biggest challenge on this one

Hole 2: River Run (Champions Edition)

Max Points: 1920

Difficulty: 5/10 (all about timing and the right touch)

Hole 3: Impossible Ladder (Champions Edition)

Max Points: 1920

Difficulty: 7/10 (the timing can be pretty challenging to hit consistently)

Hole 4: Skee Ball (Champions Edition)

Max Points: 2550

Difficulty: 9/10 (hitting the skill shot is very tough

Hole 5: Cooking Corn Dog (Champions Edition)

Max Points: 2775

Difficulty: 10/10 (it is a perfect shot on the corn dog or nothing)

Total Points: 11225

Course 8 – Ye Old Mill

Hole 1: Whiff The Cliff

Max Points: 575

Difficulty: 2/10 (remember to play the slope)

Hole 2: Easy Breezy

Max Points: 325

Difficulty: 1/10 (just a straight cut for this one, what you see is what you get)

Hole 3: Bumper Thumper

Max Points: 425

Difficulty: 2/10 (have to remember to use enough power on the orange bumpers)

Hole 4: Horse, Of Course

Max Points: 545

Difficulty: 4/10 (the 420 point hole is pretty tricky to hit consistently)

Hole 5: Lonely On Top

Max Points: 755

Difficulty 4/10 (find that power sweet spot and you’re Golden)

Total Points: 2625

Course 9 – Pirates Booty

Hole 1: Anchors Aweigh

Max Points: 750

Difficulty: 8/10 (the shots get progressively harder with the high scorer being one of the toughest in the game)

Hole 2: Treasure Island

Max Points: 640

Difficulty: 2/10 (just need to figure out your margin of power to work with)

Hole 3: Doubloon Lagoon

Max Points: 600

Difficulty: 2/10 (keep it light and clear the ramp)

Hole 4: Lighthouse Shore

Max Points: 1100

Difficulty: 4/10 (takes a little while to get the lighthouse shot down)

Hole 5: Hidden Oasis

Max Points: 1200

Difficulty: 6/10 (the rollback is a pretty tough shot to hit consistently)

Total Points: 4290

Course 10 – Old West Shoot-Out

Hole 1: Wagon Wheel

Max Points: 440

Difficulty: 7/10 (timing with the wheel is pretty tricky)

Hole 2: Foothills

Max Points: 350

Difficulty: 7/10 (the rollback is often inconsistent)

Hole 3: Cowboy Hat

Max Points: 400

Difficulty: 4/10 (have to be precise on the high point shot)

Hole 4: Snake In My Boot

Max Points: 350

Difficulty: 3/10 (watch out for those snakes

Hole 5: Down Range

Max Points: 475

Difficulty: 6/10 (the small target has to be hit pretty much perfectly)

Total Points: 2015

Course 11 – Deep Sea Danger

Hole 1: Diving The Depths

Max Points: 420

Difficulty: 4/10 (once you figure out the angle and power this shot because pretty consistent)

Hole 2: Whale Tale

Max Points: 475

Difficulty: 8/10 (the left fin is a pretty tough shot)

Hole 3: Coral Reef Bay

Max Points: 350

Difficulty: 6/10 (timing the rotating the platform is the key)

Hole 4: Seafloor Cavern

Max Points: 400

Difficulty: 3/10 (once you figure out the power to bounce off of the orange bumper, it’s pretty easy

Hole 5: The Guardian

Max Points: 550

Difficulty: 5/10 (get the timing windows down)

Total Points: 2195

Course 12 – Club Sports

Hole 1: Batter Up

Max Points: 1125

Difficulty: 9/10 (it’s a tough shot to get the home run since it’s multiple moving components to keep in mind)

Hole 2: Bring Em Out

Max Points: 875

Difficulty: 4/10 (mainly once you get the timing sequence down, it’s a pretty easy shot)

Hole 3: Bend It Like Puttzy

Max Points: 1345

Difficulty: 5/10 (get the timing down and get the goal)

Hole 4: Ace The Serve

Max Points: 755

Difficulty: 3/10 (find your spot and wait for the net)

Hole 5: Buzzer Beater

Max Points: 850

Difficulty: 8/10 (depending on which hoop you go for it gets harder and harder. You have to be on top of your game to be consistent)

Course 13 – Play Time

Hole 1: Big Idea

Max Points: 150

Difficulty: 1/10 (Pretty much as easy as it gets)

Hole 2: Keep It Simple

Max Points: 130

Difficulty: 1/10 (Also very very simple)

Hole 3: Loop d’ Loop

Max Points: 150

Difficulty: 3/10 (There is a little fine tuning to do when interacting with the loop)

Hole 4: Underpass Park

Max Points: 174

Difficulty: 2/10 (Just need enough power to make the jump)

Hole 5: Slipstream Hill

Max Points: 195

Difficulty: 3/10 (remember that it has a slope)

Total Points: 699

Course 14 – Tropical Adventure

Hole 1: Trap Door

Max Points: 200

Difficulty: 4/10 (have to learn the break past the trap door

Hole 2: Tropical Hills

Max Points: 475

Difficulty: 6/10 (learning to play the slopes can be pretty tricky)

Hole 3: Dynamite Site

Max Points: 400

Difficulty: 3/10 (bank shots off of the dynamite can throw off some players)

Hole 4: Tiki Tiki

Max Points: 500

Difficulty: 8/10 (strange slopes, tiny targets, and moving mouths make for a tough challenge)

Hole 5: Palm Tree

Max Points: 525

Difficulty: 8/10 (it’s tricky to get consistent bank shots down)

Total Points: 2100

Course 15 – Spaced Out “Champions Edition”

Hole 1: Asteroid Runner

Max Points: 1945

Difficulty: 7/10 (Timing is everything on this hole)

Hole 2: StarLink

Max Points: 2085

Difficulty: 7/10 (You have to use the ramps for any points and relying on a moving target is always challenging)

Hole 3: Galactic Swirl

Max Points: 2175

Difficulty: 6/10 (Once you find the right power range and spot to aim, it becomes pretty easy to hit)

Hole 4: Black Hole-In-One

Max Points: 575

Difficulty: 8/10 (The black hole is kind of trippy with the redirection)

Hole 5: Dust Tail

Max Points: 375

Difficulty: 5/10 (Just need to get around the rail)

Course 16 – Stress Buster

Hole 1: Heart Breaker

Max Points: 485

Difficulty: 6/10 (Not only is it a tough shot on its own, it moves too)

Hole 2: Duck Hunt

Max Points: 350

Difficulty: 3/10 (Mustard wants to help you make the shot)

Hole 3: Barrett’s Junkyard

Max Points: 300

Difficulty: 10/10 (I have not made the 200 point shot yet nor have I seen any replays of anyone making it yet)

Hole 4: The Guy, Elie

Max Points: 350

Difficulty: 6/10 (the 250 point shot is really tough)

Hole 5: Hats Off

Max Points: 275

Difficulty: 4/10 (once you have the ramp spot and power down it’s a for sure hit all the time)

Course 17 – Fun Factory

Hole 1: Gear Up

Max Points: 370

Difficulty: 3/10 (time it with the spin of the gear)

Hole 2: Metal Fan

Max Points: 355

Difficulty: 5/10 (timing is everything on this hole)

Hole 3: Pipe Dream

Max Points: 600

Difficulty: 5/10 (multiple shots to get the big points)

Hole 4: Robert Robot Jr.

Max Points: 450

Difficulty: 3/10 (the bank shot for the most points is pretty easy compared to dodging a forklift and Robert Robot Jr.)

Hole 5: Final Assembly

Max Points: 675

Difficulty: 6/10 (the tube can be a little tricky to time with the drop bucket)

Course 18 – Face the Magic

Hole 1: Ace of Hearts

Max Points: 229

Difficulty: 4/10 (once you find the right power level needed, the top shot is pretty easy)

Hole 2: Hopitee Hop

Max Points: 315

Difficulty: 2/10 (all of the holes are unobstructed and good chances to hit another on a rollback)

Hole 3: Sleight of Hand

Max Points: 318

Difficulty: 1/10 (fairly flat surface with no obstacles)

Hole 4: Harry Putter

Max Points: 510

Difficulty: 4/10 (find the aim point and power level to use the slope to your advantage)

Hole 5: Hat Trick

Max Points: 430

Difficulty: 5/10 (the slope is trippy and makes you hit harder than you think)

Course 19 – Hilly Billy

Hole 1: Warped Wall

Max Points: 490

Difficulty: 7/10 (the slope is hard to play consistently to score the best hole)

Hole 2: Putzing Around

Max Points: 465

Difficulty: 4/10 (once you get the timing down of the spinning putters, it’s not so bad)

Hole 3: Flat Top Fairways

Max Points: 435

Difficulty: 5/10 (it’s not just a straight on shot, you have to play a bit

Hole 4: Rock n’ Roll

Max Points: 415

Difficulty: 2/10 (pretty flat overall except for the half pipe hole)

Hole 5: Rough Ridge

Max Points: 720

Difficulty: 9/10 (it’s hard to hit any shot consistently)

Course 20 – Flower Power

Hole 1

Hole 1

Hole 2

Hole 3

Hole 4

Hole 5

Course 21 – Shifty Shapes

Hole 1 – Blocked

Hole 2 – Shape of Thou

Hole 3 – Crazy Diamond

Hole 4 – Round n’ Round

Hole 5 – Bermuda