My Mini Golf Scorecard

The My Mini Golf Scorecard App is a free application that makes scoring a round of Mini Golf easier and more fun!

The My Mini Golf Scorecard is the official scoring app of Mister Mini Golf.

No Scorecards & No Pencils

During these new times of caution and prevention, the less we touch, the better.

The My Mini Golf Scorecard app eliminates the need to touch a scorecard or a pencil.

Conveniently located right on your phone!

No More Math!

The scorecard does the work for you in real-time so know everybody’s score as it happens. No more fighting about scores during a high stakes match up.

Find Courses Near You

The app uses your searched location to find courses nearest to you

Pro version? What’s that?

The pro version allows for a lot of additional features for courses and players alike. Courses can pay a annual fee to have a customized scorecard and customer experience with a ton of features end users would love to experience.

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