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Week 2: League Results – Swing Time Germantown Open

We were graced with perfect weather for week 2 of league at Swing Time Germantown.

Our friends at CBS 58 stopped by to get some more footage of the league and interviewed a few of the players!

The segment was aired on Sunday, July 8th during the 7:00 AM morning show.

Check it out here!

Also a great 16 Hole-in-ones were shot at SwingTime Germantown which means…more lotto tickets!

The total count is now at 37! Wow!

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SwingTime (Germantown)

Swing Time Germantown

W197N10340 Appleton Avenue

Germantown, WI 53022

Course par: 46

Ranking: Bogey

Missus Mini Golf and I have played this course over a handful of times and this course can play well for nearly everyone. A lot of the holes have skill shots and has a nautical type environment. As you will see by the names of the holes, that no true theme is really followed. That being said, this course incorporates two features that many other courses don’t that make it a pleasant course to play again and again. The first feature is that all of the holes feature a custom, hand-painted sign that has the name of the hole, par, and image. This feels homey and personal plus it helps with overall navigation because the scorecard lists the names as well. The second feature is that each hole has a flag in the cup. Not only does the flag create a blocker for a fast approaching ball, it helps with taking the ball out of the hole. How convenient! Now onto the specific holes.

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