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You decided you wanted to know more about yours truly huh? Well, check out my bio summary below:

Karl Barth AKA Mister Mini Golf

I’m Karl, born and raised in a quaint city south of Chicago, Illinois called Elgin. Growing up, when it was my turn to select something to do, my answer was always Mini Golf. There is just something so fun about it. Maybe it is the wacky characters or the fact that anyone can do it, young and old alike. I have played my fair share of courses over the years and want to share ideas and critique of courses so others can have a great time out on the course.

Having lived my childhood in Illinois, I have been spoiled by the fact that I lived so close to Par-King Skill Golf which I would argue is one of the best courses out there (or at least that I have played).

Mini Golf lets me remain a kid at heart even as I grow older and have responsibilities like getting out of bed, going to work, pay bills….yadadada the regular ole grind.

The dream is to own my own course someday…I will get there eventually with the help of Missus Mini Golf, my soon-to-be wife.

With that said, please reach out to me with anything mini golf related whether it be your favorite hole, course, and theme or if there is a course you want reviewed anywhere in the country. You tell me and we’ll make it happen.

Yours in mini golf,

Mister Mini Golf

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