Lexington Ice Center Course 1: Hole 9

Lexington, Kentucky

Course #1: Old Testament

Hole 9: Noah’s Ark

This hole had quite a bit going on. You had to hit up a ramp and bank it slightly. The hole is in the middle of the ark so if you over shoot, there is some green on the same level as the ark, but also a similar ramp as to the tee area that ends up as a trap. Quite a neat ark structure for this hole.

Hole 9 Reading:

“One of God’s most obedient servants was Noah. God sent out a mighty flood to wipe out the earth, due to the sins of man. Noah was told to build an ark and take two of every animal and his family to be saved from the flood. For forty days the rains came. And Noah and all those on the ark were safe.”

Genesis 7: 1-24

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