Lexington Ice Center Course 2: Hole 6

Lexington, Kentucky

Course #2: New Testament

Hole 6: Abide in Me

Again, we have another hole where the sign was mixed up!

A true anthill hole! Not nearly as difficult as the Mt. Sinai hole but still difficult in its own way. Just take a smooth stroke and hope for the best. Another option is to layup (putt close to the hill without trying to go up) and make the 2 a little easier.

Hole 6 Reading:

“Jesus tells us how to abide in Him, by comparing Himself to a vine, and us as the branches. If we remain in Him we will surely bear the fruits of His Spirit and there is nothing we can not do.”

John 15:5

In case you missed it, the previous hole can be seen here: Lexington Ice Center Course 2: Hole 5

The Lexington Ice Center Page is located here: Lexington Ice Center Courses Page

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