Lexington Ice Center Course 3: Hole 2

Lexington, Kentucky

Course #3: Miracles

Hole 2: Paul and Silas Freed from Prison

Pretty much a straight shot on this one however there was a twist! This hole had a Mischief Spinners on it. A Mischief Spinner is a game that tells you how to play the Hole. You spin the wheel before your first shot and then play the hole how it tells you. This wheel had the following options:

  • Get Back – Choose an opponent to attempt his/her next shot by holding the putter behind his/her back
  • Hands On – Use only your hands to hit the ball on your first shot
  • Runaway Ball – After everyone has taken their first shot, move an opponents ball anywhere on the hole (must stay in bounds)
  • Ace Up Your sleeve – If you get a hole-in-one on this hole, put a 0 on the scorecard for the hole instead of a 1
  • Extra Obstacle – Choose an opponent to stand on the course as an extra obstacle for your first shot (opponent chooses location)
  • Blind Putt – Attempt your first shot with your eyes closed

I got the Blind Putt and nearly sank it in anyway! Missus Mini Golf got the Extra Obstacle. I was nice an let her have a shot still at the hole and she definitely took advantage as she nearly sank it as well!

Mischief Spinners are a great addition to any course, to add a little variety to gameplay. Here is a link to the Mischief Spinner Page if interested.

Hole 2 Reading:

“Even under imprisonment, Paul and Silas still praised the Lord! As they were singing hymns and praying, a mighty earthquake shook the prison, and the doors were open and all the prisoners’ chains came loose!”

Acts 16: 25-26

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